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The vertical plant-wall of greenup ® - the vertical greening concept

The idea of a flat wall greening is not new. But grown for indoor and immediately perfectly flat? Our many years of experience in horticulture gave us the possibility of developing this concept up to market maturity.
Greenup is not only innovative, but thanks to fully automatic irrigation and mains-independent alarm systems also particularly safe. The biologic-inorganic base material prevents pest and mold beyond.
Vertical plant-walls from greenup can be used as a flat wall planting indoors, just as the "big picture" or even double-sided leafy room divider. So with this concept completely new design possibilities open up for interior design. As a year-round climate buffer greenup significantly improves the indoor air and absorbs odors of any kind as well as electromagnetic pollution.

Made of fully bio-inorganic base material that is not thriving greenup walls are a blessing for each kind of allergy. In summer, the climate noticeably improves so there mostly is no need for air-condition. In winter, the large evaporation surface helps every room in significantly more humidity.
Visually a wall full of green plants is a brilliant and noble haven in any room. If necessary we deliver our products with energy-saving high-pressure discharge lamps which support as assimilation illumination as well as object-illumination - you get a perfect visual highlight for your office, restaurant or fairs.


Frequently asked questions

What is a vertical plant-wall?
A vertical plant-wall is a completely independently developed product of our factory and, as vertical greening concept for interior a stylish alternative to conventional plants. In this context the visual impression as well as many positive health aspects are worth telling.

What is a vertical plant-wall made of?
From the carrier material, the substructure of stainless steel, the automatic irrigation system to the GSM and / or internet monitoring everything has been designed and developed in-house to the finished product.

How much is a wall of greenup?
Each project is tailored to local conditions and is usually developed in collaboration with architects and builders. Thus, list prices are not available. We would be pleased to receive your detailed request a quote.

If the wall is watered automatically… do I need a water connection?
An additive water supply and drainage is not required, the wall is provided with an internal completely independently irrigation system.

Is there a need for illuminating a wall of greenup or is light of day sufficient?
Depending on the positioning of the wall may be an additional light is needed to support the permanent and uniform growth of plants. A lighting package is recommended in most cases just for aesthetic reasons.

Who maintains the vertical plant-wall of greenup?
Even after installing greenup maintains your vertical plant-wall. Under a maintenance contract, we assume all the works that have to do with the preservation and maintenance of the vertical plant-wall. This maintenance contract is tailored customly.